My name is Lyanne and I’m the managing director of Wilds. Welcome to our website we’re so glad you found us. There’s lots to take in on here but if you have any questions just fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Here at Wilds we’re all about helping you to achieve your ambitions. The Wilds team have already achieved some of theirs: completing a 6 marathon challenge, being able to do the school run and getting more involved in charity work. But enough about us we’d like to get to know you so if you would like to come in for a coffee and a chat to see if we could help you please get in touch.



“working together to satisfy your ambitions”

We confirm that we wholly subscribe to:

 What gets us out of bed in the morning

  • We embrace passionate, ambitious, quality clients who promote us to other like-minded businesses
  • We have a team of enthusiastic and committed individuals who are drawn together to provide a first class service
  • We aim to create the wow effect
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • We want to have some fun
  • We have the ambition to succeed

Wilds Vision

What we do during the day

  • We aim to be our clients’ first port of call
  • We understand where the client wants to be and help them get there
  • We aim to be more proactive with our clients – listen to our clients and fulfill their needs
  • We understand the teams’ ambition in terms of career development
  • We are a client focused team
  • We have a team who will go the extra mile to help to achieve both the client and firm’s goals
  • We work with clients and others who recognize and value what we do
  • We provide leading edge consultancy tools to enable our clients to achieve their goals
  • We look at ideas outside of the box and keep open minds to allow us to take on new things and
    constantly improve
  • We provide a quality service by combining our years of experience
  • We help each other
  • We build relationships with other contacts
  • We provide accurate, useful advice

Wilds Vision

 Why we can sleep at night

  • We have a happy motivated team
  • We have provided an innovative and forward thinking environment
  • We will never put our personal agendas ahead of the interests of the clients or the firm
  • We have respected team members
  • We know that we have done our best
  • We know that we have provided a good quality job
  • We know that we haven’t broken any laws
  • We will always try to make our decisions based on the principle of fairness

We believe in an ethical approach to our services which includes:

– An honest assessment of the chances of success in what clients are attempting

– A clear fee structure, with a guarantee that if clients are not completely happy with our services they pay only on the basis of value to them

– Personal service by senior and skilled staff