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Voluntary Audit

Just because you’re not required by law to have an audit, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. A voluntary audit is a powerful marketing tool, and can demonstrate to clients that your business is fighting fit – as well as giving management the peace of mind to continue growing the business.

A voluntary audit is entirely for the benefit of your business and provides an independent assessment of your financial statements, management and controls.

If you are a business owner, a voluntary audit is particularly useful if you delegate the running of your business to a management team; if you are considering selling your business; or you are looking for investment. An audit may be required as a one-off assignment or an ongoing request.

Our reports to management are key to ensuring value is generated from an audit, alongside the opportunity to improve systems and procedures and identify areas of risk. Voluntary audits can also help you to get your financial processes into shape before your business meets the criteria for a statutory audit.

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