True story of car insurance renewal

It’s true what they say about car insurance; always ask your insurer to re-think their renewal quote.  Just recently I received my renewal which had gone up almost 4 times from the premium last year. I went on line with the same insurer and obtained a basic renewal quote at a third of the cost offered through the post. Not only that but of the extras, there was a saving of 80% to be made on the cost of the no claims protection add on which in the post cost £108 and which on line cost £21.

I queried this on their helpline and was not given any satisfactory answer but told that they could match the on line quote and would I like to proceed. When I explained that I had their in line quote for the next fortnight guaranteed and would look to see if I could better that on line, they appeared to be a bit miffed.

The cover is identical to that which they quoted me in the post, but is now going to cost me £300 less, unless I can spend a bit more time and shave some more off.