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When things don’t go quite to plan …

The World Cup this week has brought some successes, some failures and definitely some questions.
In your organisation what do you do if things don’t go to plan? What if the result isn’t what you wanted ? Do you look for an excuse, look at what your part was, look to improve straight away, leave it a few weeks?
There are many reasons why something can occur. It may be sickness, a new area of expertise, a lack of communication. If a business can plan properly based on past mistakes, it will make sure that it understands what the real issue was, get the person to examine their part in it and make sure that systems are altered to prevent it happening again. It will ensure that cover is in place in all of the key areas and that people can be open if they have made a mistake without expecting the blame culture to kick in. It will trust its people and realise that they are its greatest asset and that culture is an important part of what that company’s identity is.
In many successful businesses they look at their part and the underlying issues straight away whilst the result is still fresh and the motivation for it not to happen again is at its strongest. If a culture of honesty can be achieved, and the fact that people don’t do things wrong deliberately is established then often a lesson can be learned and the company can continue to flourish. On the football last night I make no comment!