Hi my name is Lyanne and I’m the managing director of Wilds. The coronavirus outbreak is having a huge impact on everyone at the moment and we are trying to provide as much support as we can during this time. Have a look at our coronavirus updates on the website and contact us if we can help with anything else.




Our fees are agreed in advance of us doing the work and many are on a fixed fee basis.

The unlimited telephone support encourages regular contact as you know that we are not going to charge you for answering the call!

Our testimonials shows you how happy our clients are with the service but if they are not completely happy they pay only on the basis of value to them.


Although a necessity for many we try to turn the experience in to a positive one by using feedback from the work performed and commercial knowledge to add value to the whole process.

Our team are friendly and down to earth and aim to work onsite in the best way for you and your team therefore causing minimal disruption.

Even in this area our approach is individually tailored to you.


Constantly tailoring the changing regulations to the needs of the client.

We’ll make sure you’re compliant but will also look at your ambitions and how the numbers match up to them.

Our aim is to have regular contact not just at the year end and to use the year end accounts as a platform for planning your year ahead.


Corporate tax, personal tax and trust work all feature in this area.

A pre year end tax planning meeting allows us to assess your personal and corporate tax needs in one and look at the way they fit together. Tax planning is an integral part of what we do and we endeavour to keep you informed of all the latest developments as they happen. Whether it’s the here and now or future planning we’ve got it covered.


With payroll legislation changing each year the demands of running a payroll scheme are ever increasing.

If this is a headache that you don’t need we can provide a service that keeps you compliant in addition to processing construction industry scheme and auto enrolment and meeting your payroll reporting requirements in these areas.

A tailored service with our usual friendly approved team means that worries about legislation changes and holiday cover can be a thing of the past, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.


Up to date figures are not only needed for vat returns but can be easily turned in to management accounts allowing you the information you need to make good business decisions on an ongoing basis.

It also allows for you to change procedures if you are not meeting your targets. For most business owners this work is squeezed in amongst other tasks. Let us take over this service and give you the tools you need to move forward and the time to spend on the areas where you really make a difference.

Making Tax Digital

If you are unsure of how this will affect you or if your software is compliant we are happy to discuss this with you and help you to find a solution.

We make sure that you remain compliant and keep on top of filing deadlines.

Sage and Xero Training

If you use either of these products we are happy to arrange a half day of bespoke training to cover the areas that you need help with.

Company Secretarial

This service includes keeping you up to date at Companies House, company formations, maintaining statutory books.

We believe in an ethical approach to our services which includes:
  • An honest assessment of the chances of success in what clients are attempting
  •  A clear fee structure, with a guarantee that if clients are not completely happy with our services they pay only on the basis of value to them
  •  Personal service by senior and skilled staff


We sell globally sourced Fabricated Filtration Materials across all technical industry sectors in UK and Ireland. As a company we have worked with Wilds for many years but only took on their bookkeeping services recently.Overall Wilds provide the following services Monthly processing and payment of payroll, weekly onsite bookkeeping, monthly management accounts, quarterly projections, audit and tax.

These services are completed in a timely manner and in a format required to adhere to head office standards for returning the information. It means that I am confident that everything is being done properly and efficiently and it fits in to our organisation as any other department would.

Wilds maintain all the regulatory updates so that the accountancy function has become one that I don’t need to worry about, regular planned updates are all that is needed.

If Head Office visit, Wilds are always available to come onsite to meet with them.

The payroll team at Wilds usually request the salary information earlier in the month so they have time to process the salaries and upload the information to bankline. Along with the salaries they also upload the PAYE figure payable to HMRC ready for me to authorise the payments in a timely manner. These payments are then authorised by me after reviewing the figures uploaded.

Manisha works onsite and become part of the team and is effectively seen that way by our customers and suppliers. She has worked hard on trying to improve our system and look at how it fits with the other departments. If she is ever absent Wilds have cover for her so the work can just carry on as normal.

Once a week Manisha comes to the office to complete the weekly task of entering the invoices and updating the bank on our bespoke software. Follow up with Suppliers/Customers for overdue payments/queried invoices is also completed.

She also has access to online banking for Sefar to set up any necessary payments on behalf of us. This includes processing Payment Runs using the system, and being able to upload a report to the bank which gives the bulk payments that are due to be made to all supplies in GBP, Euro and USD. Each currency is paid using that currency bank account.

Before the payment run is complete and authorised by myself, I sit down with Wilds to discuss the payments that are due to be made, in case of any discrepancies with invoices or any further invoices that need to be added in, all of the suppliers are paid in a timely manner and we can continue having a good working relationship with our suppliers.

The bank, wages, debtors and creditors are also reconciled and the vat return prepared with the EU sales list to be submitted.

Management Accounts and Quarterly Projections
Towards the beginning of each month Senior Manager from Wilds attends our office to complete the management accounts for the prior month. This includes a full reporting pack that is prepared in the UK format and in head office requirements. A meeting is held between Wilds and myself to discuss various aspects of the business, including detailed explanations of any variances with in the reports. This all happens before the final reports are submitted to head office so then I have sufficient information to inform them of said variances. The whole process if completed within a ten day turnaround of the month end.

In addition to the above we sit down quarterly to discuss and update the annual budges/forecasts, so I know exactly where we are heading, these reports are also submitted to the group and ensures we meet HMRC requirements in respect of the quarterly corporation tax payments.

As the management accounts are completed on a monthly basis preparing the year end accounts is a process made much easier, as all of the information is supplied, checked and discussed on a monthly basis. This process ensures I receive the audit and final year end accounts within a very short time frame, which I ready for authorisation and submission.

Within 10 days of the year end the accounts have been put together and ready for independent members of the Wilds audit team to come onsite to complete an audit for us.

The audit is completed in the space of a week, year end meeting held, at which point the final audited accounts and the group reporting pack is available.

Around September time each year, I sit down with the Wilds tax team to discuss different options and scenarios to ensure we comply and receive the best tax position for ourselves.

Together with the monthly review, any changes in legislation relevant to us are communicated.

In case the above was not enough, I know they are only a phone call away and are always happy to help. Overall, I am very happy with the services that Wilds provide and the support and knowledge I have access to are invaluable.