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Register for Paydashbord today

Many of us have had to look at our processes over the last few months in readiness for GDPR.

We have now passed the implementation date but some businesses are still working through the final points.

The issue of course was over access to personal data and where employee payslips and payroll reports are concerned we may have an answer for you.

If Wilds process your payroll the data is likely to come in via our portal anyway which meets all the relevant criteria. We can also then upload reports and payslips to this if you distribute the payslips to your team.

However it may be easier for you to register your employees for paydashboard. This doesn’t cost you anymore and all we need is an email address for each employee. They can then log on directly to get their payslip and you can gain access to more variance analysis reporting of your payroll data by any period that you choose from when you have signed up. Your employees will also get extra information around areas such as their tax codes, allowances etc

If this is of interest to you please call our payroll team today on 0161 723 3211