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Raising your Company Profile

A strong media profile can lead to new business opportunities and Public Relations (PR) is a useful way of raising and maintaining your company’s profile. Press releases are a fundamental part of the marketing programme. They are inexpensive, take little time to prepare, and can be effective when used consistently. It is important to set up a system for generating press releases and you should plan to send out a press release at least every calendar quarter. Here are some suggestions for an effective programme:

Whom to send to:
 News releases can be sent to print, radio or television media.
 Check your local library for the names and phone numbers of all local media.
 Call each one and get the correct name, title, address, phone number and fax number of the individual to whom press releases should be sent.
 Allow 2-3 weeks lead time.

Tips for Preparing a Good Press Release
 Keep it short – one page is usually sufficient.
 Double space.
 Attach a small jpeg photo whenever possible but make sure it’s not too big to download.
 Address the press release to the name and title of the appropriate person.
 Write “For Immediate Release” at the top left.
 The headline should be underlined and briefly summarise the information in the text.
 Be factual in your wording. Avoid unnecessary elaboration.
 Answer WHO – WHAT – WHEN – WHERE and WHY in the first paragraph.
 Flesh out the details in the following paragraph(s).
 Send a brochure, background on the firm or background of the subject matter as appropriate, in order to validate yourself, the firm and the event.
 End the press release with ‘###’ to indicate there are no more pages to follow.

If You Get A Follow Up Call
 Return it immediately – journalists are always “on deadline” and they will use another story if you do not respond promptly.
 Immediately fax additional information if it is requested.
 Ask when the piece might appear.

PR is an on-going process and it will take time to build your company’s profile. You will need to send press releases on a regular basis and most journalists will appreciate being offered them exclusively. The most effective way to ensure your press release is published is by building relationships with journalists by meeting them and keeping in regular contact.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing this further.