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Managing your receipts can be a tough task, try our receipt bank today

Managing your receipts can be a tough task. Trying to keep track of all those important business expenses and receipts can be a nightmare: pockets overflow, wallets become crammed with them and inevitably, many are lost. If you are claiming back expenses then this can be of significant cost and frustration.

Over the years, as a firm of proactive accountants in Radcliffe, we have seen it all. From envelopes and shoeboxes overflowing with receipts to carrier bags and plastic wallets.

There is a much easier way and it’s free!

As a modern, forward thinking firm we are always looking for new and improved ways of doing things. So when we launched our Apple and Android-Approved App, one of the important features was Receipt Management – A super easy way that all businesses (both clients and non-clients) could store and manage their receipts. And here it is, the Wilds Receipt Manager.

It’s built into the App, which is available free from either, the Apple or Android store. Simply search for ‘MyAccountants’ in the relevant store and download the App free.