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Know your numbers plan completion

So following on from last week when we discussed the benefits of a know your numbers plan, you may have decided that it may be worth some consideration .  It can be hard to get started when you are trying to think of what should be included so we have listed a few tips below

  • Don’t try to find hundreds of success drivers
  • Don’t make them all traditional financial measures
  • Consider monthly versus YTD numbers
  • Consider the systems you will need for data collection
  • Use Post-It notes to identify the chain of cause and effect
  • Don’t feel you have to get it 100% right first time
  • Set realistic targets
  • Discuss the results in your monthly business strategy meeting
  • Share the results with the team
  • Consider % measures rather than £ actuals
  • And don’t forget – the most important part are the actions

Discussions without an action and an accountable person behind the action will more than likely get the same result or worse so this is an integral part of the success of the plan.