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Happy Birthday to a valued colleague

Sandra has been cleaning at Wilds since 1983 … some of our team weren’t even born then (sorry Sandra!) She comes in morning and evening to clean up our dirty cups & bowls (honestly guys, please take your own washing up downstairs!), vacuum and clean the communal areas of the building. She used to have help to do this but, sadly, Monica had to retire on health grounds ten years ago, leaving Sandra to cope with us alone.

Sandra does an amazing job but it’s the personal touches that we all appreciate – especially that she puts our cups back in the cupboard in the same place everyday so we can find them without searching. She remembers everyone’s birthdays and always contributes to collections, just because few of us see her doesn’t mean she isn’t an essential part of the team.

It was Sandra’s 70th birthday on Sunday, a date she celebrated with family and friends and by taking Friday evening and Monday morning off … she could have taken more but we’d never have found our cups!

We all hope she continues to come in and look after us for many more years, with her youthful spirit and can-do attitude. I’m honoured to work with her and more honoured to count her a friend. Happy Birthday Sandra from everyone at Wilds.

Sandra's 70th