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Features your employees will love – They work hard for you, so PayDashboard works hard for them

Features your employees will love – They work hard for you, so PayDashboard works hard for them

Cater for a diverse workforce. Do you have employees whose first language isn’t English? PayDashboard’s digital format allows internet browsers to translate your employees’ payslips into any language they choose.

Improve their financial wellbeing. PayDashboard comes with a host of financial education articles. Written in an easy-to-understand style without all the financial jargon, we’ll help your employees to understand things like their tax code, and the additional government-approved tax allowances they may be entitled to claim.

Give them control. Its’ their payslip, they should be able to access it when they need to. With PayDashboard, all employees need is their computer or mobile device and an internet connection in order to view, download and print payslips.

Tax code troubles? 1 in 10 UK employees are on the wrong tax code and paying the wrong amount of tax. PayDashboard proactively alerts users who are on a non-standard tax code that they should check whether their tax code is correct for their circumstances, and provides employees with all the information for them to contact HMRC to sort this.

Claire’s Story

“I’ve never checked my tax code before, I didn’t see the need. I only have one job, and I don’t submit any tax returns, so I just assumed that my employer was deducting the correct amount of tax and the money that ended up in my bank account each month was right. Then I read an article on PayDashboard telling me that ‘3 million people are on the wrong tax doe and could be missing out on money’. So off I went to check my payslip and there it was BR (Basic Rate). A tax code I had just learned was very wrong. So, I called the tax office and it looked like they’d mistakenly had me down for working two jobs for the past two years. They amended their paperwork, sent out a new tax doe to my employer and I received a cheque for three and a half thousand in the post that month! And because I was being over-taxed, I also ended up getting £150 more in my payslip each month too. A very welcome surprise for me – it’s like I’ve given myself a pay rise!”

The Background

Claire’s employer has no idea about her financial situation. They outsourced their payroll, so why would they? And their accounting only knew Claire as a payroll number, they had no way of knowing she didn’t actually have a second job. Neither Claire’s employer nor their accounting firm would have been able to pick up on this error – it was down to Claire to work it out, and she’d gone nearly two years without querying it…who knows how much longer she would have been on the wrong code if she hadn’t been alerted by PayDashboard.


The Result

Claire is so grateful to her employer for helping to increase her net pay. She credits them for giving her this information and she’s told all her colleagues to check their own tax codes too. They now feel that their employer is looking out for their financial well-being. His employee’s net pay has been increased at no cost to him and staff morale in the office has really increased since Claire’s good news got around. Claire’s employer has improved engagement with his employees and increased morale. He is likely to see reduced employee churn, a happier workforce and increased productivity as a result.

And the cost of this increased engagement…

Less than he was paying on printing and posting payslips!