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Day Three of Martin’s Challenge

Today started with breakfast at the same pub as last night’s meal. Very nice too.
Then we headed up to Wellington to get my gears fixed from yesterday (Kings Cycles). He hadn’t seen this problem before and found it quite amusing but he said leave it with him for half an hour, so that meant and early coffee and cake for the day He notices a problem with a loose screw on my left pedal too and sorted that for me.

Next stop was Trull for a gold phone box photo op. It was for Paralympic equestrian rider Deb Criddle . Andy did a couple of postcards for family and posted them in it. We then passed through Taunton and joined the canalside cycle path to Bridgewater. A really enjoyable section of the day. Subway for lunch in Bridgewater and then we headed for the coast.

We stopped for a couple of moments on the way at 2.30 as this was the time of my colleague Anne Marie’s funeral . She died very suddenly last week and it is fair to say Wilds won’t be the same without her.

We went through Burnham-on-Sea and very close to Brent Knoll (passed 200 miles for the trip here) before heading towards Weston super Mare. On the way in the cycle route took us through a cow field which would have been fine except one was standing across the exit gate. Eventually it moved on with a little positive thinking at it! Then through a town called Uphill (looking forward to finding Downdale later in the trip) before arriving at Weston super Mare. The weather was very hot and sunny so we opted for an ice cream and a game of crazy golf to make it feel like a holiday for a short while.

Had cycle path and roadwork issue getting out of WsM but once we had a nice lager shandy in a pub to plot the remainder of the route to Portishead through the Strawberry Lane cycle route, we were soon at the Travelodge. John (my brother-in-law’s brother) joined us for a drink in the evening. He is a proper cyclist, for example he did the London 100 recently. He gave us some wise words for the trip.

It’s into Wales for a whole day tomorrow as we finally make a move away from what us northerners call the south west!