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Day Ten of Martin’s Challenge

Wow. What a day! A definite rival to Bury-Tebay for the best day of the trip!!!

Good breakfast to start at Andy’s Mum’s with a funny send off when watching John trying to take a picture with my mobile phone! A confident start to the day, not least as I only wore 2 pairs of shorts as things seem to be improving in that department!!!
The real reason for the confident start was that we were being joined for some of the journey today by 3 guys Andrew knows. More of them later…

Before we met them though I encountered my first evidence of road rage when a Peugeot driver took exception to my being on the road so tried to run me off it. So I went onto the pavement for 100 yards or so to stay out of his way and then a guy at the bus stop complained that I was on the pavement!!! (even though he had seen what had happened). Anyway we met up with Dave, Euan and Richard who were in full cycling gear with road bikes so we had our work cut out keeping up with them initially but we quickly settled into a good pace and routine.

The Forth bridge was the first stop of the day for the obvious photos and then we headed north west-ish through Dunfermline, Auchterarder and then to Crief where they left us to head to Perth for the train home. Beautiful scenery just about the whole way with some great speedy cycling as a group at times. We passed the 700 mile marker for the trip before having a good lunch in Auchterarder but not before a peek at Gleneagles. No time for a round though!!

The guys were definitely a great help today so Andy & I have added doing LEJOG with more than two people cheating nearly as much as those who have a support vehicle!!!

We should have guessed when the guys left us that the terrain would get tougher and it certainly did. After some ‘normal’ tough climbs and spectacular scenery we took a cut through road towards our b&b.

Well, definitely the toughest climb of the trip so far. As well as normal climbing it had in the middle it had over a mile of constant grinding narrow road but my word it was a joy to reach the top!!

Again, really worth it though as it took us to oversee the Loch Tay with steep sides and it was just as the sun was beginning to drop in the sky. We ate there before doing the last 3 miles to the b&b, which seems very impressive.

I am now further north than I have ever been in the UK but I am already planning to come back with the family. A special day & now less than 250 miles to go.