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Day Six of Martin’s Challenge

Shorter day as planned today as it was to include calling in at Wilds and staying at home.

Firstly we left Nantwich aiming for Jodrell Bank and then cut thro the country lanes towards the cycle route around Manchester airport. Eventually got through to call in for a photo call at old Trafford followed by an excellent Harry Ramsdens.

We then called into Manchester city centre for a photo all next to Jason Kenny’s gold post box in Albert Square. Then we were met by Archie and his dad on their bikes who travelled with us the 10 miles or so into Radcliffe on cycle route 6.

As we came out onto the famous Radcliffe bypass, a Bury Hospice van was at the lights so we gave him a wave and told him we were raising money for them. Then the big treat as we got a smashing welcome from my colleagues at Wilds. Thanks to everyone for that. Andy was really impressed at what a good bunch of people we have at Wilds.

Then it was to my house. Thanks to Heather and Brian (& my Mum of course!!!) for calling round for a drink and a cake.

Finishing the day with a sleep in my own bed proved to be as good an idea as I thought it would be when we plotted the route. Nearly half way now!