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Day Seven of Martin’s Challenge

Definitely the best cycling day so far. Started perfectly in the sense that the rain we were promised all fell overnight but also having breakfast in my own house was a real treat.

Not surprisingly perhaps we set off the latest so far (10.00) which was a risk given how far we had to climb today. However 80 miles later in Tebay. We both agree the route today was near perfect; lots off of road cycle paths to start with and when we were on roads they were really quiet.

Lunch was at the inn at Whitewell and we also had a bonus feed in Low Bentham when we stopped at the house of an old neighbour of mine who treated us to pizza and cakes!! Thanks June.

For those of you who know the M6 north, our last 10 miles from Sedbergh to Tebay was on a really small quiet road that runs parallel to the M6 and the West Coast mainline through the hills/mountains. A great finish, albeit with some steep climbs and grazing sheep to avoid. This time tomorrow we will be in Scotland!!!! Yessss!