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Day Eight of Martin’s Challenge

Kay and the girls stayed at the same b&b with us last night, so it was nice for both Andy and I to have someone else to talk to over breakfast. We left them just after half 9, playing tennis before they spent the day in the Lake District and joining us again tonight north of Lockerbie.

kay at the b&b

The day on the bike had a pretty brutal early climb but for the next 15 miles to Penrith things went much more downhill than up. I’ve not mentioned before but I am now up to a third layer in the shorts department – I understand now why a guy doing LEJOG was using the hash tag of #sorebum!

After a coffee and cake in Penrith we headed down to Carlisle but very much into the wind so wasn’t easy. Had a Chinese for late lunch. It was buffet style but the buffet included roast meats & Yorkshire pudding and veg. I know its Sunday but it was supposed to be a Chinese!

After leaving Carlisle the countdown was on to cross the border in Scotland Stopped for the obvious photos (and perhaps a not so obvious one as we left England) and then briefly saw a happy couple getting married at Gretna Green with the bagpipes playing.

not so obvious photo

We then had 23 miles to go to get to the hotel and, despite it being into the wind and generally uphill more than down, we hit a really good pace with the odd stop for jelly babies! So much so we arrived at the hotel at a similar time to Kay and the girls.

Shorter day in store tomorrow to Andy’s mum’s near Edinburgh but there will be some proper climbing I think.