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Cyber Security

Cyber security is something that we are constantly reminded about. It is an area of risk that can be greatly reduced by making sure that your procedures include a few simple steps:

• Keep anti virus software up to date. It is tempting to say no to an update when you are rushing but these often contain specific security updates to overcome the latest scams.
• Beware of phishing emails – these can be very convincing and an attachment can be opened in a rush. It’s really important that people think before they open them and if unsure seek advice.
• Update passwords regularly.
• Think about what personal information you and your team are putting on LinkedIn or Facebook.
• Do your team access your network with their own machines/phones? Are they covered with relevant up to date software?
• Make sure that cyber security is part of your induction pack.
• Make sure that all laptops are passworded.
• Use encrypted memory sticks where possible or even better a portal.