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Finance is probably the one thing that is ever present in the mind of a business owner. From start up to maturity having a long-term finance strategy is vital.

Wilds have good relationships with different finance providers to be able to find the right funding solutions for you whether it’s to finance growth, acquisition or a short fall in working capital we can support you through the whole process.

“I would like to thank you and your team for the prompt and professional response to my enquiries linked with making a purchase at auction.
It is great to know that we have such a great team we can rely on at the end of the phone.
We look forward to further developing our relationship with Wilds as we move towards developing our company into a national brand.”

Other Corporate Finance services include:

We can perform due diligence, meet with you and potential sellers and help you to structure the deal being offered. Tax advice features in what we will cover.

Forecasts, Budgets and Business Plans
We will sit with you to discuss where you are, your upcoming plans and assess the reasonableness of the plans when drafted. We will also perform what if analysis of the areas that we feel may still be open to question. A great tool to use to forward your business and keep it on track.

Shareholders, Partnerships & Incorporation Agreements
We will talk through all of the main considerations for this and put together a draft of the agreement for you to run past your legal advisers.

Due Diligence
We have vast experience of examining records, questioning the underlying areas and getting to the heart of the issues that need dealing with.

Company Valuations
We will perform a valuation of your business using various methods. We can also advise on how these valuations would change if you looked at different areas of the business.

Business Disposal
We will look at what you want from a sale, prepare a sale pack and look at the tax consequences of the options available to you. We will also liaise with any potential buyer’s team.