My name is Lyanne and I’m the managing director of Wilds. Welcome to our website we’re so glad you found us. There’s lots to take in on here but if you have any questions just fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Here at Wilds we’re all about helping you to achieve your ambitions. The Wilds team have already achieved some of theirs: completing a 6 marathon challenge, being able to do the school run and getting more involved in charity work. But enough about us we’d like to get to know you so if you would like to come in for a coffee and a chat to see if we could help you please get in touch.


About Corporate Finance

Wilds Corporate Finance is a division of Wilds Limited, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors; a name known and respected for well over 80 years.

The Division is headed by Phil Jackson, who has specialised in Corporate Finance for 35 years. He was a partner in a national accountancy practice for 11 years before becoming a financial director of a small plc group. After that he returned to consultancy work specialising in helping small and medium sized owner managed businesses realise their ambitions.

We believe in an ethical approach to our services which includes:

– An honest assessment of the chances of success in what clients are attempting

– A clear fee structure, with a guarantee that if clients are not completely happy with our services they pay only on the basis of value to them

– Personal service by senior and skilled staff

Our Services

We can perform due diligence, meet with you and potential sellers and help you to structure the deal being offered. Tax advice features in what we will cover.

Forecasts, Budgets and Business Plans
We will sit with you to discuss where you are, your upcoming plans and assess the reasonableness of the plans when drafted. We will also perform what if analysis of the areas that we feel may still be open to question. A great tool to use to forward your business and keep it on track.

Raising Finance
We have a list of people who we regularly use for our lending. Our approach is to match you specifically with the one who meets your needs and offers the best chance of success.

Shareholders, Partnerships & Incorporation Agreements
We will talk through all of the main considerations for this and put together a draft of the agreement for you to run past your legal advisers.

Due Diligence
We have vast experience of examining records, questioning the underlying areas and getting to the heart of the issues that need dealing with.

Company Valuations
We will perform a valuation of your business using various methods. We can also advise on how these valuations would change if you looked at different areas of the business.

Business Disposal
We will look at what you want from a sale, prepare a sale pack and look at the tax consequences of the options available to you. We will also liaise with any potential buyer’s team.