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Communication with Wilds

There are several ways that you can get information to us and receive information from us.

We do not use email to send personal information to you and instead have a variety of methods that we use instead.

Docsafe has been in use for many years and you can access this via our website to upload information to us.  We also use this for standing data like accounts and payroll reports that you want access to on a regular basis without time restraint.  You can also upload information to us this way.

We use paydashboard to upload our epayslips to you and your employees and again this can be accessed at anytime and current and past reports viewed and downloaded.

Our latest addition, the virtual cabinet portal, is used for authorisation of accounts, tax returns etc electronically.  The reports do not stay on there long term but it is a really flexible way of getting the reports out to you for authorisation.  When something is sent to you this way you will get an email with a link to it.  There is also a link on our website for you to use once you have received something this way.

All of these methods are GDPR compliant.