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Funding & Finance

Finance is probably the one thing that is ever present in the mind of the business owner.

Businesses that go on to flourish have a long-term financial strategy. They have got the right type of finance to support the growth they want.

This section provides resources to help with cash management and where and how to get finance and how to prepare a long-term financial strategy.

Business Plan Review Checklist

A useful checklist of the items to consider when writing your plan especially the executive summary.


Business Plan Workshop

A workshop agenda and questions to discuss your business, its strategy and objectives prior to preparing the business plan.


Guidance on Writing a Business Plan

Guidance on writing the plan, contents, suggested length, information to disclose, who to send it to and the executive summary.


Business Plan Template

A template plan covering the areas you should consider when writing the plan.


Simple Cash Flow Forecast

An Excel based simple 12 month cash flow forecast.


6 Months Cash Flow Template

This is a Word and an Excel template for small businesses with no debtors. This could help with estimating cash surplus / deficit for the next 3-6 months.


Working Capital Finance

Solutions for businesses.

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Business Asset Finance

An agreement that enables businesses to obtain the assets needed to manage and/or expand effectively, and spread the cost/outlay.

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Peer to Peer Lending (P2P)

Our P2P experts have been involved in advising businesses on the raising of funds via P2P platforms since its emergence.

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Property Finance

Finance for new build, conversion and refurbishment projects for property developers and investors.

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Unsecured Business Finance

There are now over 40 lenders willing to lend unsecured small business loans in the UK.

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