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Business owners must master management

The second key skill business owners need to master is management.

Management means getting things done through other people.

If a business owner wants to build a business that works without them then they must manage people to do the things that must be done to allow them to work on the business instead of in it, or allow them the time out of the business that they want.

Many business owners don’t learn management until it is too late. They still want to ‘do everything’.

Good management and proper controls are vital for business success.

In effect the business owner needs to systemise the business to make it work.  There are several areas that you will need to consider:

  • Identify the key systems of the business – this may start by looking at the main areas of the business and incorporating problem areas and working out what needs to be done to sort out the issues in these areas
  • Organise the business -make sure that everyone knows their objectives and responsibilities, perhaps by using job descriptions and putting together an organisational chart
  • Manage employees to get the best out of them – make time for appraisals and assess employee feedback on a regular basis
  • Build systems and put procedures in to place so that they work – once you have identified the key systems putting together an operating manual will make sure that everybody works in the standard way.  Ultimately all of the systems in the business should be documented
  • Monitor and improve these systems – regular reviews of how things should be done and sorting out any problems that arise should make sure that the systems in place are always the best ones

At Wilds we talk to many business owners about issues that arise and help them with the systemisation of their business.

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