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Dishy Rishi Serves Up a “Shit Sandwich”

When I was young and being taught management skills, I was told to sandwich bad news between pieces of good news the proverbial “shit sandwich”. Early on in his budget the Chancellor set out three phases:- Doing what is necessary to support the economy and jobs during the final...
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Employers need to register for email alerts

As the Tax Department moves rapidly down the digital road, it is becoming more apparent that the days of paper mailings are numbered. It is important agents encourage employers to register to receive email alerts, so they are aware of the latest coding changes and important information that is published...
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Construction Industry VAT Reverse Charge

Is your Business ready for the changes? From 1 March 2021, a VAT reverse charge will be in operation for most construction services carried out in the UK. This measure has been introduced to combat fraud in the building and construction area  Is Changing to Monthly vat reporting right...
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Changes to late filing penalty for 2019-20 Self Assessment Returns

HMRC has announced today that Self Assessment customers will not receive a penalty for filing their 2019-20 tax return late, as long as they file online by 28‌‌ ‌February. Although they do still encourage customers to file by 31 January if possible. Customers still need to pay their Self Assessment tax...
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