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Welcome to the Wilds Chartered Accountants Blog


CIS – Construction Industry Scheme If you work in the construction industry you need to make sure that all your subcontractors, or as the subcontractor, that you are registered on the CIS scheme. When registered there are two bands for a subcontractor – Gross and net. Gross status (0%)...
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CT61 Interest on your Directors current account

CT61 – Interest on your Directors Current Account. If you have deposited a considerable amount of money into your company and you cannot see yourself drawing this in the near future. Charging interest to the company on this loan, as a basic rate tax payer, is a useful way...
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Why do i need to sign an Engagement Letter

Why do you want me to sign an Engagement Letter? So what is it? In basic terms it sets out what the accountant is responsible for and what you are responsible for. It describes what we are going to do for you and what this is actually limited to....
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When do i need an Audit

When do I need an audit For audit exemption a company must qualify as small, or have qualified as small in the previous year & therefore be in a year’s grace. The financial criteria for assessing if a company is small are that two of the following conditions must...
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