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Susan’s March Talk

Recording of Susan’s Talk in March This recording was made in March and while timescales and further information might have changed due to the 2017 General Election, the basic information contained in the talk remains unchanged. Click the Hyperlink to listen
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This morning I read an article in the business press headed “Surprise fall in Inflation Rate” It reported that in June 2017 inflation had fallen for the first time since October 2016. Whilst this may have been a surprise to the authors of the article it should not have...
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Monthly Offer – July

Will your business still be performing whilst you’re on oh holiday or will you need to be constantly in touch? If you’re the latter perhaps it’s time for a system review to see how many boxes you sit in on your organisational structure?
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Self employed to check National Insurance Options

Class 2 national insurance is what gives self employed people a national insurance record and builds up their entitlement to benefits such as the state retirement pension, bereavement benefits, state maternity allowance and contribution-based employment and support allowance. It is possible for an individual who finds that their contribution...
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