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What is Bank Fetch?

Bank Fetch collects your clients’ digital bank statements from their online banking service, making it easier for you to access them.

Bank Fetch:

  • Regularly checks for new statements;
  • Automatically pulls them into your account for processing;

The process is much more simple and efficient. To get started, you just need to get your client set-up with Bank Fetch. Either use their login details to get it set up on their behalf, or ask your client to use their login details to set it up themselves.

After this, Receipt Bank will regularly check the online banking service for bank statements. Once available, they are pulled through to the client account. You can then choose what to do next, whether that is to download or send it for extraction. If you need to check anything, you can see available statements and whether to process them in your ‘Bank’ Tab.

Once you have processed the statement, all you need to do then is export the data and upload it into your accounting software, ready for reconciliation.

This means no more chasing clients. Instead, hands-free, automated collection of clients’ bank statements at your fingertips.

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