My name is Lyanne and I’m the managing director of Wilds. Welcome to our website we’re so glad you found us. There’s lots to take in on here but if you have any questions just fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Here at Wilds we’re all about helping you to achieve your ambitions. The Wilds team have already achieved some of theirs: completing a 6 marathon challenge, being able to do the school run and getting more involved in charity work. But enough about us we’d like to get to know you so if you would like to come in for a coffee and a chat to see if we could help you please get in touch.



Meet the Wilds Team

Wilds are a forward thinking accountancy practice whose aim is to help entrepreneurs achieve their business ambitions. To do that we have developed a team of skilled professionals whose expertise complements each other.

Lyanne Higginbottom

Lyanne oversees the development of the practice, including the new technologies available, alongside running her portfolio of clients. She particularly enjoys business development and strategic work. In her spare time she enjoys travel.
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Martin Rayner

Martin has now been with the firm for over 25 years and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. The majority of Martin’s client portfolio is owner managed / family businesses. Martin is passionate about understanding his clients businesses. He seeks to find out what really motivates and matters to the individuals within the business and how they define and measure success. His philosophy of working forward from year ends rather than backwards from deadlines means that his clients can have maximum information to aid their decision making and overall planning within their business.
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Jacky Buchsbaum – CTA

Jacky has over 25 years experience in accounting. Spending the last 20 years specialising in taxation and business development. He sees his role as helping clients to develop and grow their businesses as well as providing solutions to client business problems. He can help clients both proactively and reactively. His advice on one occasion saved a client £5Million in tax and on another occasion he got HMRC to reduce a tax assessments from £1Million to Nil. He has also experience of appearing before the commissioners and tax tribunals.
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