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8 Advantages of Receipt Bank

  1. Save you time and improves accuracy by uploading invoices into your favourite accounts package using the latest OCR technology.
  2. Saves you VAT by automatically analysing your invoices and identifying the right amount of VAT to claim.
  3. Save you tax by encouraging you to upload copies of receipts and invoices immediately rather than at the month end, which reduces the risk of bits of paper being mislaid, lost or destroyed.
  4. Seamless integration with Xero, making claiming expenses easy.
  5. The only UK based (and expanding fast internationally) receipt management system available on the market.
  6. Can be given to your workforce, who can then upload their receipts and generate an automatic expense claim in Xero.
  7. Keeps copies of your receipts and supplier invoices, meaning you can go paperless – saving you more time and money!
  8. Maximises the use of cloud storage systems like Dropbox by uploading your receipts and invoices directly into your account, allowing you to use Receipt Bank to download them automatically for analysis.
  9.  Receipt Folded Into Paper Plane on Grass